• After accident call within 24hours.

  • The surveyor will record the full damage.

  • You will choose your nearest repair center.

  • The insurance agent will contact you within hours and will approve your claim immediately.

  • The garage or the repair center which you will choose will call you for the appointment of your car’s repair.

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Essential documents required

  • Driver’s license is required.

  • The Claim form will be provided you by the selected garage.

  • Damage report should be there with you which will be provided by the accident surveyors.

  • The registration document should be there to see that the car is registered with the United States.

  • The towing fees and other medical expenses will be reimbursed with the photos and invoices of expenses.

  • If any witness at the time of the accident you can bring him/her with you so that they can support you in the claim process.

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