Types of Coverages


The first coverage will cover the third party damage, your vehicle and the person if he is injured in the because of the natural disasters like vandalism, theft, and fire. The cover also includes the window breakage, collision, and other towing expenses.


This is the coverage when at the time of parking your car your car hits an object and gets damaged, and this coverage name is also known as self-accident coverage.


This coverage covers your vehicle when hits by collision and also covers the third party damage.


This coverage includes the third party damage or if the person is injured and the third party car is badly damaged because of fire or theft.


This coverage covers the third party property damage and the bodily injury of the third party.

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95% of our customers are Safe Driver

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between 20-65 years old.

Records of insurance

the policy teaches our customers, as per records only 2 accidents we have seen in last 10 months.

Driving Experience

Drivers should be 2 years license holder, without cancellation of driver, and then only the policy is approved by us.

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